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othellolover's Journal

I'm crazy, ADHD, OCD, have an anxiety disorder, depression and am at least slightly bi-polar. I love acting in Shakespeare plays. I'm a lesbian and proud of it. I speak some Spanish but wish I was MUCH more fluent. Music is my main escape and I usually don't feel comfortable unless I'm listening to something with a beat. My friends are my life and I literally wouldn't be here now if it weren't for them. I love shows/movies with lesbian couples in them :)
I have 2 dogs: Norwegian Elkhounds named Sparticus (Sparc) and Loki. I love animals and want to have several when I have my own house.
I would like to get several tattoos, two of which are to honour my father who passed away when I was 12. I also want to get my right eyebrow, left nostril, and right lobe, cartilige and tragus pierced; and possibly my lip or tongue.
Yepp, that's me :)